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Episode 19

Viral Tik Tok video, Stop buying houses, rigged housing and stock markets

Published on: 13th October, 2021

Is Zillow buying all the homes in your neighborhood? Viral real estate agent tick Tok video. Rigging the residential housing market. iBuyer and deeply discounted real estate platforms. Are Zillow and Redfin to trying to buy homes for as low as possible? Do fast offers equal low offers? Are stocks rigged? Should you buy a house right now? Inflation, debt ceiling and economy. How it affects you.

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Olga Marquez is a native Angelena living life in Kansas City. Realtor® with Keller Williams Platinum Partners. She specializes in working with investors, and residential real estate in the Kansas City Metro area.

2018 KW Social Media Rockstar Award Recipient. Olga is an avid real estate blogger and vlogger. She believes in using Podcast, and Facebook Lives and video in her business.

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